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Arinay products are an excellent alternative for my sensitive skin. Beside the great aromas, their are gentle to the skin. I have tried the baby collection with my grandson. Now he is six years old and he loves a variety of soaps, specially Happy Rainbow, Hadassa, Almond, Oatmeal and Honey and many more (some times he asks me to smell the soap I am going to use and always convince me to try it first 😊). Other amazing products that I use with excellent results are the All Purpose Rash Balm, Handmade Muscle Balm and the Insect Repellent. I recommend these products because I trust their quality and their excellent results.

Evelyn Ruiz

I love the Natural Insect Repellent!  It moisture the skin and really works. My father use it as a perfume because he loves the smell. 

Rosa Maldonado

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